My 24 Hours of Adrenaline experience

This may be taken as a rant.  It will almost certainly result in a ban from 24 hours of adrenaline events.  So be it, this story must escape...

Last December I registered for their 24 hour worlds solo event.  In recovery mode from the first injury, I was looking for a solid goal.  Perfect.

Fast forward to July and the BC bike race.  Day 7 shattered heelbone means no worlds for me.  Dangit.  LW and I decide to trade support/race roles for worlds and Moab.

Not having read the cancellation policy but reasonably certain Stuart would have no allowances for such misfortune, I shot him an email anyway.  My request was simple:  first, to postpone my registration a year, and if that was impossible to transfer all or part to LW.  That email garnered no response.  So then I gave up on that and simply asked for my pit (since I was already registered I should get a pit, no?) to be located next to LW and Bernice Pierson as they were sharing a mechanic.  We could use the extra space.

This time I got a response.  It was from Stuart (the race promoter), and to paraphrase I was denied on all counts.  The no refund policy was copied and pasted into the email; and no, I could not have my pit next to LW or Bernice cause that would give them an unfair advantage.

Right.  Well feck that.

So, it cost me $450 to learn this lesson (I leave it up to the reader to draw conclusions).  I've heard so many stories about this series it's hard to keep track.  24 worlds was devoid of the passion and festival atmosphere of Moab - why was that? 

Anyway, had to let this out but didn't do so before the event so as not to cast a cloud over any of the racers I was associated with...

Published Tuesday, October 23, 2007 10:14 AM by Dave


# @ Tuesday, October 23, 2007 11:12 AM

24 HoA is going to dig their own grave. The events just aren't worth the money to me and the stories I hear about "customer service" are not inspiring. Heck I almost revolted at paying for 24 HoMoab but at least there I feel like it's almost worth it and GG gives half a damn.

Otherwise I'm happy to support all the other 24's out there if I'm going to race them. $120/solo for OP and $400+ for 24HoA? What are you getting?

Even GG ponied up and gave us a 25% discount for weather they couldn't control for last year's Moab. Probably cost them quite a bit of cash but look how many showed up at Moab despite all the gunshy cries about weather.

And if you get banned? Well then I guess your $450 bought Adrenaline a bit more advertising. Perhaps not the kind they wanted though.


# @ Tuesday, October 23, 2007 12:55 PM

That a boy Dave - though as a rant goes it was pretty mild - tell us what you really think! I have to say that even Moab has crappy customer service and a million xtra fees - so much so that I have no desire to go there and race anymore (though i love the course and the atmosphere) OP is great, wish there were more races like that! Time to try adventure racing - Gravity Play/Adventure Xstream are great and friendly races!


# @ Tuesday, October 23, 2007 11:08 PM

The first time I watched 24 Solo, before I had even heard of 24 Hours of Adrenaline anything, I remember watching the scene where Stuart is interviewing the winner of the race and thinking how odd it was that the promoter was drilling this incoherent person, who obviously needed medical attention, to answer inane questions. I remember thinking he seemed like a bit of a jackass even then. Now that I've heard about his practice of blacklisting racers, I can't imagine ever attending one of his company's events.


# @ Wednesday, October 24, 2007 5:38 AM

Unnnnnnn... I coulda swore that Sue Haywood and Chris Eatough had conjoined pits along with Karl and Lou (X-Fusion) last year. Can't think of any other examples off hand, but if I can I'll post 'em. Weird.
Unfair advantages??? I asked Stuart why the people on the other side of pit row from me were able to take advantage of the extra 5-10 feet behind their pits, BUT my pit crew had to set up their tents (for sleeping) WAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY 10X10 PIT. He said they didn't really have time to mess with it (making the others conform to the 10X10 pit), and that was that. Across from me? Chris, Sue, Ernesto, Cameron.... guess I was stuck on "losers row".

Nothing against those that took advantage of the situation. I woulda done the same. Just speaking out against the "rules" and their loose application.