April 2007 - Posts

Scenic lessons

How many views can one take in inside of 36 hours? It became obvious early in the ride that this wasn't to be a KT double.  A few mechanicals, 2 hours of sleep prior to start, tool escapes...all the same, I did ride roughly 250 miles Read More


Right when you think you have a good plan......... So.  I've been  trying to figure out how to make this weekend happen to my liking, but no matter how I slice it the road ride from Moab to Fruita on an MTB w/knobbies is so unnatractive.  Read More

A tale of 3 races

More and more I am becoming aware of a paradigm shift in my athletic inclinations.  For example, the Kokopelli Trail Race.  I did it twice last year, first, second.  Very different rides.  The first was a mass start event with 56 starters, Read More

She's back!

Remember this gal? That's right, Lynda is back in action, and as far as I can tell she's as strong as ever - and oh so appreciative to be outside riding big climbs and taking in big views once again.  Having something taken away from you for awhile Read More

Georgia Lemons

Allright, who drugged that sluggish peleton in Georgia today?  With the main group coming in 29 minutes after the leaders of a 13 man break, the race just lost all of it's suspense.  I'm pissed.  No matter how well my secret heros like Read More

On cracks & craters

Caller ID strikes again.  I just called Andy at Desert Cyclery and the first thing to come over the other end was "Speak of the devil, destroyer of drivetrains!"  What's really funny?  He hadn't read the Dawn til Dusk report yet.  Read More

The Bridesmaid

Dawn til Dusk 12 hour has come and gone but it has left a mark.  Quite a few actually ;) My initial goals for the event were to dial in nutrition and get some good training in a competetive environment.  I'm trying out some different race fuels, Read More

Free stuff and a realization

Spring cleaning has taken a double meaning as I'm moving soon...and this is to your benefit, at least if you're in the area and need some random bike stuff.  There's some goodies in front of my house, everything in front of the camper is free for Read More

Scared witless

Global warming ain't so funny all of a sudden.  Riding up to almost 9000' on the Colorado trail  in early April is fun and all... But Durangoans recall all too well the fire season of '02 when  Missionary ridge burned ALL SUMMER long.  Read More

Paradox demystified

'Twas an awesome weekend in no-mans land.  Perfect weather, hard trails, what more can you ask for. Day 1 was a ride West of Bedrock on the Paradox.  The route winds around the valley floor a short while before heading up Carpenter ride.  Read More