May 2007 - Posts

Grand Loop do-over

Second chances are a wonderful thing since I rarely get anything right the first go-round.  Usually though, I have to wait awhile for round two.  Not this time.  Just 2 weeks after the solo Grand Loop attempt (where I got stuffed by too Read More


With the GLR start fast approaching (uh, as in Friday - didn't I just do this thing?) I figured I'd head out and do some specific training.  Lots of time in the saddle has been my approach, rather than higher intensity efforts.  Seeing how I Read More

Ergon Grip Setup

And now we'll take a break from the GLR obsession for a word from our sponsors... Ergon is a German company putting some R&D into all things ergonomic for bicycles.  Grips, gloves, packs, saddles, suspension posts are just a few of the items Read More

Grand Exposure

There could have been no better way to begin a Grand Loop solo TT than to stage from Mike Curiaks home.  He's a machine both on and off the bike - the way he was putting wheels together as we talked exuded the sort of expertise you want from the Read More

Dreaming with open eyes

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." - Helen Keller --------------------------- It's game Read More

March of the Pigs

Quest of the obsessed might say it better. Time for some geek talk, it's been awhile since I mentioned stuff like TSS, the training manager and the like. So what does one do when GLR is in the plan but fitness is at rock-bottom post surgery?  Time Read More

10k Foray, part I

The hills are opening up quickly.  Despite the cool moist weather the past few weeks, it's dry to the top of Jones creek trail now.  It's a bit moist over 9k, but I only had to go around one small snowbank. Here's what it looks like at 9600'. Read More

The Grand F'ing Loop

There is this event that has been looming large for me for quite some time.  My training, equipment & nutrition so far this year has been focused on this single goal.  The event is the Grand Loop.  The scheduled race date is June 1, Read More


The past 7 days have been "interesting."  I've suddenly achieved race weight; I moved across town and now live next to Bread - yep, that Bread; winter returned.  Not exactly a blog-worthy lifestyle, but it has been trying to say the least.  Read More

Colby the rock star

It's been really great to see the recent successes of Anthony Colby.  He has had more than his fair share of hurdles to overcome on his way to good health and peak fitness, but he's doing it remarkably well. Back in March we rode together some Read More

How to lose 6 lbs

Believe it or not, the past year or so I've been having trouble with ride nutrition beyond the 8 hour point.  Just like clockwork, at 8 hours the acid gut would show it's ugly face.  There were some good nutrition threads over on MTBR that led Read More