October 2006 - Posts

guardian angels

mine is a heavy-handed bia-tch at times...must be cause i'm deaf to her subtle messages. for the final yehaa of the season i went to GJ for the 50/50 - 50 miles mtb, 50 road.  super tough old school mtb course and a climby road route.  bitchin' Read More

Don't lose your head

Like this fella. Tis the season when you better put your brightest jacket on if you want to survive that sweet fall singletrack...I find it quite bizarre that so many folks with a southern drawl migrate to this region in the fall to hunt and kill our Read More

Yuri's 24 Hour Worlds Top 10 Ride

Remember Yuri Hauswald?  Back in March he asked some very pointed questions on how to train for and execute your first 24 hour race.  His questions served as the launchpad for 5 posts on the topic, which to date have had collectively Read More

Enduring Nutrition

Meet Shane Ellison, founder of HealthFX.  An organic chemist by training, Shane has seen the ugly side of the pharmaceutical industry.  He is on a crusade to re-educate a misinformed populace on solid health and nutrition practices.  Read More

Jack Mormon Militia

Check out the account of the Moab overall winners - on single speeds (first time for this to happen) - over at fatcyclist.  Read More

Borgian Justice

There's a new link in the sidebar to http://dirtpedaler.com.  Don't know anything about the site owner/s, except that they have a keen eye for what's going on the MTB world.  It's only been up a few weeks and in that time they've been busy reading Read More

The Flower Girl

A couple of days ago I awake with a head full of three's:  I've done Moab solo 3 times; for the past 3 years I've been 3rd ('04 was in the duo field with Mitch Moreman, '05 and '06 were solo); this year I was 33rd overall.  Not quite the bridesmaid. Read More

Moab: short race, long story

Biblical.  That word best sums up the 24 hours of Moab this year - epic is overused and isn't strong enough anyway.  The 4 corners region has been getting nailed by weather of biblical proportions the past 2 months and old muther nature stayed Read More

Moab or bust

Yea, what Lynda said ;) It's time to finish out this grand season riding for 25 hours in my most favorite of favored locales - Moab, Utah - not to be confused with the one in the middle east.  Having been around that course at least 50 times, I Read More

MicroTech insole power meter update

There were several good questions in the comments to the "Someone's listening" post in regards to the MicroSport insole power meter, and I had a few of my own.  I shot of an email this am and bingo, detailed answers didn't take long.  So far Read More

Someone's listening!

Interbike is always interesting with all the forward-thinking cycling minds converging in the Nevada desert.  Such a bikefest, yet I've never been there....hmmmm.... Anyway - my ear is always to the ground listening for the latest and greatest from Read More


So when you've been riding 20-30 hours/week for a while, what constitutes a taper?  Good question... A "taper" is really better termed as a peak.  There are few universal practices among coaches.  One of the few might be that to bring Read More

KTR v2.0: a record ride

Yesterday was the last big ride of my Moab build.  I was looking for a 12 hour ride, and after last weekends apparent form on the White Rim with the Pocket Rocket, why not give the Kokopelli trail another go?  I was thinking that with a lot Read More