December 2006 - Posts

Cheating nature

Yesterday was my 5 week post-op checkup with the surgeon.  I'm happy to say I'm ahead of the recovery curve - the doc was surprised  how much new bone I've grown in a short period.  Range of motion is nearly symmetrical now too after a Read More

More power tools

Many cyclists focus on limiters in the early season.  I haven't been doing that for a few years, mostly because there was no "early" season and no "late"'s been one continuous season for 3 years ;)  Well, it's definitely the early Read More

The comeback trail

CTL has risen 6 points in the last week and it feels good.  It's time to plan the comeback. For the past 2 (or is it 3?) years, I've been a beta tester for EweTSS, now termed the Performance Manager as part of Cyclingpeak's WKO+ software.  Read More

How much is too much?

Dicky is struggling to put into words his notion that there is some point point beyond which pushing incurs a risk far greater than the reward.  This seems to be a revelation gained from inspiration from Craign Gordon's incredible ride at 24 hour Read More

The Big O

O2, that is.  Got your attention now didn't I? This blog started out as a way of confessing my obsessions...and winter seems to bring out the real blab in me... What's a guy to do when he's mostly stuck to trainer duty even though it's nice and Read More

Inauspicious beginnings

Life in slow motion is beginning to speed up.  It's been a waiting game for 5 weeks, but one day this week I got up and couldn't feel the repaired collarbone anymore.  Wow, just like that.  Amazing.  On the flip side, the repaired Read More