June 2007 - Posts


We're all oddly shapen bags of water.  Without it we perish;  too much of a good thing is possible.  GDR racers are struggling with the heat and aridity and it's taking a big toll on everyone out there.  The most recent reports are Read More

Armchair GDR analysis

There are times when it sure is fun to *watch* a race rather than ride it.  GDR is one of those.  Lots of suffering going on out there - body aches and ills, broken frames, frozen freehubs, headtrippin' drama - the Great Divide Race has Read More

GDR overview map

Is anyone not completely wrapped up in the GDR updates?  I didn't think so ;) Jay P. has really busted the start wide open, but now they've all been moving awhile it sounds like the effort is starting to really sink in.  From his last call Read More

KMC photoblog

After seeing the pics Mark took, I guess I didn't take that many.  But, here's a tiny sampling of the scenic wonders all the KMC riders were treated to.  Fred W and his "secret weapon." The hosts.  Not the best shot but it's all I Read More

KMC short post

Yesterday was the innaugural Kaibab Monster Cross.  The most fitting term in the title is monster... 15 salty enduro vets showed up, 2 finished.  The re-route added considerable mileage and difficulty, and I added 8 miles and 1000' of climbing Read More

Random acts of thinkerin'

There may not be an official prizelist for GLR, but the unofficial prizes have been steadily forthcoming.  Lots of intangibles like new and/or rekindled friendships...and some tangibles too.  MC gave me a few lenses for my M-frames and Read More

Kaibab Monster Cross!

Mr. Ionsmuse has strung together an awesome section of forest roads and singletrack in the Kaibab National Forest, adjacent to the North Rim of the Grand  Canyon.  He's calling his legitimate child the Kabiab Monster Cross - 120 miles Read More

Great Divide Race rider spotlight: Matt McFee

Thanks to this blog, it seems after every big event or ride I meet new folks.  This may come as a surprise, but here in Durango I'm somewhat under the radar.  Cycling is huge here, but so is the spirit of competition - NORBA, USCF, and collegiate type Read More

Big Mojo on the Grand Loop

The morning of the Grand Loop Race I was relaxing in the lobby of the GJ Super 8, enjoying some "free" raisin bran and reading the paper.  I turned to the horoscope section just for fun and found this: You will have abundant energy the next few Read More


That's how long the Grand Loop took.  Unlike most race finish times, the units are days/hours/minutes.  I covered more ground in less time over much, much more difficult terrain than the solo attempt.  I was racing full gas from go.  Read More