February 2006 - Posts

Humboldt madness

Got a call from Lewis today - it seems there are folks on this team other than Lynda and myself.  Good to know!  Looks like the Durango Posse is coming down for a little bike race near Scottsdale, the Humboldt Mountain RR.  The race finishes Read More

Psychology of Endurance Racing

Endurance racing is a headgame - before, during, and after the event.  Before:  the blogosphere has changed the nature of these events somewhat.  Blogs get squawky, or not; riders release goals, or not; whichever side of the fence you Read More

The Yardstick

I'm just another faceless rider in the night... In our various meetings, Tinker and I have gone 1-2 (Soul Ride '04 in which we rode several hours together conversing at times), 3-2 (E100 50 mile), 1-6 (E100), and at OP we had quite the exciting time, Read More

Every thorn has it's rose

Drum roll please...as you look at this plot, keep the following in mind: This compares a Trek Fuel 26" wheeled bike and a Salsa Dos Niner 29" wheeled bike Bikes were similarly equiped - near identical weight Identical tread pattern, Specialized Read More

24..uh..16 hours in the Old Pueblo is in the books

Glad to have this one out of the way...OP has become my annual throw away race.  This edition was no different - and again, I come away with new lessons. Expectations were high for this event.  By the numbers, fitness was at an all time high.  Read More

Old Pueblo, round 3

This is the third year in a row that I've kicked off the race season with Old Pueblo.  Historically this race hasn't been that kind to me, but each event had a lesson for me.  In '04 I went to register on New Year's day only to find Read More

Burning Arizona

So today was the last significant ride before Old Pueblo.  The 4 peaks road was just the ticket, a 4.5 hour out and back over the Mazatzal mountain range.  It may be February, but it hasn't rained in these parts for something like 116 days now.  Read More

26 vs 29 singletrack shootout: tie

Well now, (AHEM!), looks like I jumped the gun yesterday in revealing results.  That's what I get for seat of the pants analysis. The testing of 29er vs 26ers continues on.  Quick recap:  the first round of tests looked at how climbing Read More

Preliminary results: round 2 of 29/26 testing

No time to get the full details written down yet...but the latest round of testing produced some unexpected (to me, anyway) results.  The chosen course is the sport loop at McDowell Mountain park, a 3.2 mile rolling singlerack trail.  The first Read More

'06 Schedule

The '06 schedule is taking shape nicely.  Funny things is, there are few NORBA events on it.  I'd sure like to do 24 hour natz, but it conflicts with TransRockies so maybe next year.  The NORBA nationals stop in Park City includes a marathon, Read More

The Apache Trail

Yes, this is another winter ride report...what can I say?  Sunday I was looking for about 5 hours of saddle time.  A road ride was tentatively planned, but the Dos has been pulling me tighter into its web the past few days, and she wouldn't Read More


Just outside of Phoenix is McDowell mountain park, part of the Maricopa county park system.  Lots of trails here, and best of all, they have an actual mountain bike specific competitive trail system.  Can you say manna from heaven?  That Read More

Power Food

Presented in the finest Kerkovian style, my breakfast of choice: What's in your breakfast bowl? Read More

And on the 7th day...

4 of the last 5 weeks have been between 1,100-1,500 TSS, and let me tell you, that has kept me in the hurt locker for the week.  Brent mentioned his sensations of his first recovery day...well I've had that for the past 6 days pretty much.  Read More