January 2007 - Posts

Kooks and Crack

The next best thing to a no chain day is a new chain day.  A  few posts on wattage yesterday reminded me of the phenomena I've seen many times before - that when putting a new chain on a bike I see an automatic power increase.  An old, Read More

Rumors and rumors of rumors

A few quick blotter notes: Bart is free.  FREE SAGER is working.  Now, what will this mean, retroactively, for Jason and Cale??  Anything at all??? Word has it the NORBA marathon event has gone the way of the dodo.  While Read More

White Rim Comedies

Good times at the White Rim this weekend and if you were there, you know what I'm talking about. First, how about starting a big day when the temps are below 10F?  This is what the back of my truck looks like after driving 3 hours in a snowstorm...lots Read More

I feel a binge coming on...

The past 2 weeks has had me bleeding out of my eyeballs, but it's in the books, mission accomplished, and for that I get a 20+ watt power boost. Now that base is done, it's time to get on with the regularly scheduled program.  With OP fast approaching, Read More

Light building in progress

Lookie what showed up yesterday.   Here's a better view of the Cree's: Time to get assembling. Lynda called last night with the report from her first night ride with a triple Cree system.  I'll leave the detailed descriptions to her...but Read More

Lights for a night or a month?

I have this dream of a super bright light that will go all night without a battery change.  Too much to ask for?   A side benefit of this quest is a light that will burn for, uh, weeks.  Yea, no BS here - doing GDR this summer?  Read More

Hard Candy

Question:  what do you do when the weather is wet, snowy, and cold and you have a 24 hour race coming up?  The correct answer is of course get outta town, head south for warmer climes.  I've been doing that for 2 years, but not this year.  Read More

The Red Recharge

  Ever get that feeling you just gotta get some dirt between your fingers?  There's a chunk of the country that has given  me this sense before I ever set foot in it.  It's roughly a square region bounded by Grand Junction on Read More

From dreams to reality

Newsflash:  the 24 hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championships is set for September 1-2 at Laguna Seca.  This is a key piece of the season's puzzle I've been waiting for.  This event is becoming more and more interesting as it seems Read More

Gazing into the crystal ball

Here's my best guess on how some things will take shape in the new year... Lynda is going to win a big enduro race - outright.  That's right, she's gonna chick every guy present in some big event somewhere.  I just hope it's early season Read More

Gettin' to the core of it all

In the fall of '04 I made some significant changes to my training routines, habits and mindset. The effect on race outcomes was huge.  It really is true what they say about training smarter, although I still tend to think harder is better Read More