November 2006 - Posts

2006 Visualized

Join me on a visual journey through the 2006 season.  The highs are many.  The lows, there were a few.  I'm still  calling it dream season # 2. Click the image for the slideshow.                                                                          Read More

More morphine, please

The past few days have been all about expectation management. Doc pre-surgery:  "your collarbone might heal fine without surgery.  With surgery you will have good range of motion after the pain recedes in about 3 days" Doc post-surgery:  Read More

Ti upgrades

Today I become the six million dollar man, the modern day humpty dumpty.  After 2 1/2 weeks of waiting, it's my turn with the surgeon.  The pieces of what used to be a collarbone are to become one again with the mechanical assistence of a titanium Read More

On NORBA, part II

WTF is going on with this organization anyway?  If you're a cyclist, this probably isn't news, but just in case... Read this.  Squeaky clean, the guy doesn't even eat meat for chrissake. Now read this.  Another squeaky clean Read More

Cross season

Is there more cyclocross frenzy this year or have I finally noticed it?  The CO state cross champs are today, here in Durango.  The course is up at the college and will surely be a good one.      Elite women Read More

On NORBA, India, geeking, and bones

With so little physical activity of late, the brain is doing overtime.  It's kinda fun in a sick way, feels like college days. Here's an image of (part of) the damage. The ER doc's response in Grand Junction:  "consider this an advantage, Read More

Spec the light system of your dreams

If you've been reading my ramblings for awhile, you know I'm really into LED lighting technology.  Why? LEDs are extremely durable because they are solid state "radiating matter", no fragile filaments or ballasts many options exist for light Read More

shattered but not broken

what an interesting few days.  first - many, many thanks for the kind comments and emails.  i'm a lucky guy with no lack of support. doc says collarbone might heal w/o surgery - all those chunks would make a big knot.  it might not though, Read More