June 2006 - Posts

The E100 12 Hour

Wow.  Did that really happen?  Somebody pinch me. Time is tight, so the abbreviated version will have to suffice. Cutting to the chase:  I overcame many problems during the race, came on strong at the end, and won in nail-biting fashion Read More

The Ultimate Goal

So what is this nonesense all about, anyway?  Why race bikes? For me, the first MTB ride was a fluke on a borrowed bike up the mountain behind the rafting company I worked at the time.  The goal was to see the view from the top - I'd always Read More


How was your lunch today?  Mine was quite tasty, thanks for asking.  I've got the favorite route I do the week before big events - it takes me to the top of Missionary Ridge, about 3500' higher than my front door, but only a smidge over an hour Read More

The Alpine Loop, Colorado style

On tap for the weekend was a ~5 hour ride & not too hard.  Given that I'm nearly certain to do the Breckenridge 100, it dawned on me yesterday morning I could kill two birds with one stone by getting high.  The Alpine Loop takes in Read More

Tinker's RAAM

Race Across America, the name says it all.  9 AM Sunday the solo field left Oceanside, CA in route to Atlantic City, NJ.  I consider myself an ultra MTB specialist, but no way would I even consider such a race.  More than a week of sleep Read More

Steamboat: do as I say, not as I do

Carved from the school of hard knocks, here's how the morning of the 24 hours of Steamboat played out:  sleep wasn't happening, so got up about 5am.  There is a lot of stuff to get ready when doing these unsupported, so I went out to the truck Read More

Back from the dead: 29er studies

With the Dos stripped of components and hanging in my garage, let's just say 29er studies aren't at the forefront of my interests right now.  I found the answers to my questions.  However, Cycling News is hitting the issue hot Read More

Let the climbing begin...

Damn am I ever ready for Steamboat.  The anticipation has me in it's grip like a good buzz.  24 hour events are special - when else does one get to ride without constraint for 25 hours straight?  It takes a lot of time to prepare, both Read More

Fuelin' it

With the Steamboat 24 next weekend, final prep & shakedown was the order of the weekend.  This was somewhat delayed by a bout of food poisoning, so now I'm extra rested and lighter than anticipated.  I'm making up for lost time at the dinner Read More

Changes & challenges

It's time for a new challenge.  After a dozen or so 24 hour races all done with some type of support, why not do one self-supported?  This silly thought has been rattling in the back of my head for some time...KTR leftovers?  In any case, Read More