August 2006 - Posts

The E100, 2006

I love the sensation hair-free legs impart.  Gasp if you must but try as I might, there is no way to honestly deny the simple fact that hairy legs slow me down.  It's a proven fact, and I'll supply the power meter analysis as evidence to Read More

E100 preview

The Park City Endurance 100 mile race is this Saturday, Aug 26.  This is quite possibly the finest (and hardest) one day MTB event on the planet.  Roughly 95% singletrack, never highly technical, but never non-technical either - riders are continually Read More

TransRockies in pictures, days 1-4

There were (at least) two professional photographers at TransRockies.  Each evening we were treated to slideshows of their (& our) day's work, a big highlight I came to appreciate more and more as my head got lower and lower ;)  Many of Read More

The Durango MTB 100

Meanwhile, back in reality (that'd be D-town silly) folks are getting amped for the 100 mile epic race above Durango Mountain Resort next Saturday.  This race is a toughy - not technically, but aerobically.  It's got something over 18,000' of Read More

The highest high

In the yin and yang of things, the finest moments come on the heels of the most difficult of times.  There is balance in the cosmos, and in racing, to experience the best requires some suffering. Take for instance, Lynda's time on the singletrack Read More

Crack Buddies

There are a lot of details that go into a good team format multi-day MTB performance, but the one that tops the charts is the choice of your partner.  With this person, you will scheme, strategize & execute.  You will help each other in Read More

And then the geeks ruled the world...

It's a great time to be a geek and a cyclist.  Your geekiness has been rewarded.  Think it's odd how Lynda and I went from nowhwere to the podium in the last couple of years?  A large part of our success has to be attributed to training Read More

Fantasy Island

While Lynda has done a great job of capturing the flow of the event, I'll be posting on some different aspects of TR.  If you haven't seen her posts yet check'm out! Transrockies was made for folks like Lynda and I, and since you are reading this, Read More

Canadian Cloud 9

Has anyone seen the ground?  I can't seem to find it.  TransRockies is a larger than life experience.  Even during the event it was obvious an indelible mark was being imprinted on my psyche;  it was a week without comparison Read More

Take off to the Great White North!

Remember Bob and Doug McKenzie from the 80's?   I've had this silly song playing in my head for at least a week.  Now it's playing for real. It's game time.  Lynda & I have done the training and are ready for an epic week of racing.  Read More