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Testing, testing, and more testing

In winter 05/06 I was on a quest to answer the question:  which bike is more efficient, a Trek Fuel or a Salsa Dos Niner?  It just so happens that one uses 26" wheels while the other uses 29" wheels...  These have proved to be rather Read More

Back from the dead: 29er studies

With the Dos stripped of components and hanging in my garage, let's just say 29er studies aren't at the forefront of my interests right now.  I found the answers to my questions.  However, Cycling News is hitting the issue hot Read More

KTR, moonbeams, and dead rabbits

Pre-race quote:  "Mike, I want to thank you now for organizing this race 'cause I ain't going to be thankful at the finish"    - anonymous rider to race organizer Mike Curiak 15 minutes before the midnight start of KTR. Well said Read More

Unintentionally stirring the pot

It's a rainy morning here in southern Arizona, the first in 140+ days so no complaints... So.  My quest to determine which bike is faster for me, the Dos 29er or the Trek Fuel, kicked up a bit of a ruckus in places.  The Cyclingnews piece Read More

Every thorn has it's rose

Drum roll you look at this plot, keep the following in mind: This compares a Trek Fuel 26" wheeled bike and a Salsa Dos Niner 29" wheeled bike Bikes were similarly equiped - near identical weight Identical tread pattern, Specialized Read More

26 vs 29 singletrack shootout: tie

Well now, (AHEM!), looks like I jumped the gun yesterday in revealing results.  That's what I get for seat of the pants analysis. The testing of 29er vs 26ers continues on.  Quick recap:  the first round of tests looked at how climbing Read More

First results of 26 vs 29 inch wheels

Note (added 2/3/06):  comments to this post have been disabled due to malicious spammers.  You know who you are.  Contact me through the "contact me" link if have something you'd like to add.  If there is enough interest, I'd consider Read More