September 2006 - Posts

KTR v2.0

The KTR in May was an incredible experience.  With so much time to plan, to obsess the details, and even to pre-ride, the pre-event anticipation was huge.  Meeting a group of 56 enduro nut jobs under a full (fool?) moon at midnight was off the Read More

Back from the dead

Dead silence, that is.  As I seem to recall, the last thing I wrote on this blog was "damn I love September".  About 2 days later I got slammed by the other job (the one that pays the bills)...and since I don't have Martini's "check engine light" Read More

Moab by way of Durango

September is quite possibly one of the finest months in SW Colorado - certainly one of my favorite times of the riding season.  The main season has come to a close, the monsoons have loosened their grip, and the mornings are cool and crisp.  Read More