July 2006 - Posts

A sampling

Adam Lisonbee wrote an exceptional bit regarding cycling heros.  Check it out. Respect to all that participated in 24 hour natz this past weekend.  Conditions were herrendous...Not surprisingly, Chris Eatough bagged the win in a race that was Read More

24 hour natz

Some live and nearly live updates for this weekends championship event: www.ridewithnickmartin.com will have audio updates. http://www.eatough.ww.com/ will have a webcam pointed at Chris Eatough's pit.  Should be educational.  I haven't Read More

Bad Beer?

Cyclingnews has done their homework.  Be sure to read this article.  Hopeless idealist that I am, I choose to believe that amazing ride in the 17th stage was legit.  Regardless, the media will render Floyd's reputation about as healthy Read More

Exciting times are here

Now that the other race is in the history books and a new cycling hero crowned...the collective energy of cyclists can once again return to more regional interests.  Such as... 24 hour natz this weekend.  Oooo, how's it gonna go down?  Read More

Park City rehab racin'

In Boris' E100 series everyone seems to be recovering from or dealing with some or another malady.  Cancer, gall stones, muscle strains, diabetes...you name it, these races are all about the comeback trail.  It's a different sort of Read More


Now that was one inspired ride.  Not that he had a  choice, but that he pulled it off with such panache...it isn't often I get emotional about such things - after all, champions are a dime a dozen in this town - but I nominate Floyd for national Read More

Scenes from the Crested Butte underground hundie

In keeping with my ongoing work at creating a regional travelogue via the medium of mountain bike racing... Crested Butte is where it all began for me.  A magical mix of terrain, trails, views, and flowers are simply off the charts.  So when Read More

Holding the edge

It's been awhile since I've gone into full-on geek mode, and if you disagree, hold on to your britches... Those from the wattage forum already know that I'm a beta tester of Dr. Andrew Coggan's latest creation, the Training Manager (TM).  This came Read More


We've been getting truckloads of spam to the blog comments of late, so I had to take some drastic measures.  Anonymous comments have been disabled.  It was a painful decision and I delayed it as long as I could...we really appreciate the feedback Read More

Guilty until proven innocent

From the VeloNews live update page: "Not all the names have been revealed," Fuentes told radio Cadena Ser in a telephone interview. "And some of those on the list should not have been there. I don't know why." What a BS career ending witch hunt.  Read More

Kennebec, the July 4 tradition

July 4 means one thing to MTBers in Durango (well, at least if they're in town) and that's the annual Kennebec pass/Colorado trail ride.  It's a big 50+ mile loop that starts with a climb from 6500' to 11,200 at the pass, and from the top, bombs Read More

Squawkin' Trans Rockies

August 6-12 Lynda & I will put our best efforts into TransRockies, a 7 day mountain bike stage race across the Canadian Rockies.  With some time on my hands yesterday, it was time to do some research. An interesting tidbit for this years (5th) Read More