November 2007 - Posts

SS training plan

This SS thing is darn fun and it's tough to contain my excitement for it.  Not that I'm trying ;)  I promised I'd share my thoughts on actually training to be a better SS rider and that's the meat of this post...but some other interesting & Read More

SS analysis: strength or power?

Pure single speeders are a passionate bunch.  After doing a bit of  lurking on the mtbr SS forum and observing the SS related comments here it's obvious the top reasons SSers do what they do come from the heart.  As it should be. Read More

Square Top denial

North and a bit west of St George is a range of mountains snuggled up against the Nevada border.  They haven't hit my radar at all yet 'cause they don't lie between here and St George, not even by way of my jagged thinking.  I've put the Read More

SS upgrades

The SS learning process continues.  Thanks to Dave Nice's advise (SID isn't squishy enough or rigid - ditch) I put a Reba U-turn on it.  At about 105 MM it handles great, and along with a stiff gate setting it has no out of the saddle bob.  Read More

Smoky Mountain 'sploratory

The Smoky Mountain road between Big Water and Escalante covers huge expanse of remote, lonely, beautiful country.  The road surface is actually quite good for the most part.  Water availability is not bad either.  It's been dry for Read More

So that's how this works...

So many of my posts come across I'm sure as some desert whacko's ruminations.  Not too many folks can identify with that. But...if I want some feedback all I have to do is look for common ground, right?  Like single speeding? Yesterday's ride Read More

KISS principal

Mon-Fri the past month this is the only bike I've touched. Darn ghetto, eh?  I've had this 9.8 frame for maybe 5 years now and it's seen all sorts of use, but has never been set up for long at any one time.  It's current lifeform is w/ the Read More

The Journey

The older I get the more I like to take my time with things, it leaves more time for savoring.    Destinations often have a finality attached to them; everything that happens before then is the purpose.  I don't seek the payout, Read More