May 2006 - Posts

Cheatin' Death

The latest Dickyism seems especially poignant right now:  "It feels like you are cheating death by sneaking in some extra living. Only fools sleep when they could be riding." With 2 weeks to go until the next 24 hour event, this can mean only Read More

Iron Horse '06

Iron Horse weekend in Durango is always huge.  It's no coincidence that Ed Zink's child falls during the greenest time of the year, drought notwithstanding.  Since I'm in a really big training binge right now, I decided to ride up the course Read More


Did I get up at 1:30 AM to get set for an epic ride before work? Did I head off into the night with ultralight, ultrabright custom LEDs on the bars and my helmet? Did I come face to face with a bobcat at 4:30 AM? Did I see fields of illuminated Read More

KTR, moonbeams, and dead rabbits

Pre-race quote:  "Mike, I want to thank you now for organizing this race 'cause I ain't going to be thankful at the finish"    - anonymous rider to race organizer Mike Curiak 15 minutes before the midnight start of KTR. Well said Read More

Gila wrap

Tour of the Gila has wrapped up for another year.  I just wanted to give a shout out to the fellas for adding an element of suspense to my surfing the past week.  There were a lot of great performances out there. Ian's win in the cat 3 TT. Read More

Bike Melding

Specificity.  It has many applications; one of my favorites is something I call "Bike Melding."  With an important race coming up, the idea is to ride only the bike you will race.  If training includes intervals, that's fine, they just Read More


For the past 10 years, heavy batteries & light systems is something I've just accepted as part of night riding.  Then last year I raced the Steamboat 24 hour race - and that changed my thinking entirely.  The course is one big climb followed Read More

DIY LED Lights

Grrrrr....had this really nice post all written up then hit the refresh button and poof, it's gone.  Here's the gist: KTR bike choice:  the route screams for 29" wheels after Magpie hill.  I ain't deaf; the Dos is in. DIY LEDs:  Read More


Mike Curiak is an underground Laird Knight, an enduro junkies pimp.  He's cooked up an unsupported race through 142 miles of mountain and desert.  Are you self-reliant?  Resourceful?  Smart?  Lucky?  It'll take more than Read More