The big show

Worlds...what an experience.  I've been waiting for Lynda to break the silence but her DSL got shot down while she was here are just a few impressions.

As is typical in these things, the Cyclingnews piece and the results don't speak to what went down in the ladies race.  As early as lap 2 it was clear it was a race of Lynda vs. Rebecca Rusch.  These ladies were killin' it.  F'n goose bumps.

Full on racing, lotsa smack going down.  They were neck and neck until just before sundown, much like the lead 2 in the mens race.

Eventually Rebecca pulled ahead for good.  She laid down an incredible race.  She showed up ready for anything and it showed.  Much respect - it's hard to imagine a better ride.  I honestly didn't think she'd fare well against Lynda on that course.  Lynda made her earn that worlds title, but earn it she did.  Without Lynda it'd been a one horse show.   I've ridden a bit with Juli Furtado in the 90's when she was utterly dominant and Rebecca had that same look & demeanor I recall in JF.

Happy endings.  Sally in 3rd used Lynda's training plan in prep for the event.  Sally was looking buff and, well, manic!  She had to lay it down to get that 3rd spot.

Hey fox, you want these lights?

They were a secret weapon and as far as I can tell there wasn't anyone with any more light on the course.  On one of the first night laps Andy looked up and said something like "holy freak that's bright" followed by "oh, it's Lynda!"  That was purty funny...after that we never had trouble knowing when she was close, the lights stood out 200 meters away.

Andy was another secret weapon.  Well, not so secret cause he's a sucker for a dirty, non-functioning bike.  If you bring one to him you will leave with a clean, well tuned rig.  He was working on somebody's bike every minute of the night it seemed.

Apparently he's not a Specialized fan.  He still fixes 'em up tho.

Conditions were unusually hot for the region and attrition was high.  Roughly half of the womens field had quit less than half way through the race.  Particularly hit hard by the heat were the Aussies as they flew from winter conditions to 100F racing temps.  I actually didn't pay a ton of attention to the men's race, but it was hard to miss what was happening at the front.  Kelly Magelky would come by, followed by Tinker 10 seconds back for the first 21 hours & 17 laps.  On lap 18 Tinker laid it down with a 1:02 lap time.  That's some 25 minutes faster than they'd been going for quite some time and one of the fastest laps in the race period.  I would never have thought that possible, and have certainly never seen such a thing in a 24.  One of the most impressive feats I've seen on a bike.  Tinker is da man.

Even though I didn't get to race it this year, I'm comforted knowing patience is the name of the game in endurance racing ;) 

Published Wednesday, September 05, 2007 5:54 PM by Dave


# @ Wednesday, September 05, 2007 7:11 PM

Nice Write up Dave!

Can't wait to read LW's story when I get back from the vapor trail!


# @ Wednesday, September 05, 2007 11:03 PM

when you letting the cat outta the bag on the lights?



# @ Thursday, September 06, 2007 3:57 AM

Greg - not really any new cats to let outta the bag on the lights. They are triple Cree XR-E torches driven by the b-flex, powered by 14.8 V lithium rechargeables (or 1.5V lithium disposables, conditions depending). Optics are tailored for given conditions.

The real winner is the ability to tailor how they operate, the optics, the battery type/size for specific situations. OK maybe that and roughly 1200 lumens for the pair Lynda was running.

It's funny...I talked to a couple of different light engineers at the event and they both had very different ideas on what the optimal light would/could do. I think a lot of it depends on the riders night vision. Riders with good night vision may opt for much less light than what I'm building. It's a limiter for me so I take the more is better approach. No surprise there ;)


# @ Thursday, September 06, 2007 6:53 AM

What a great run! You two are an awesome team, I'd like to check out those lights - and get in on some of that training too! :) Can't wait to read Lynda's write-up.