Free stuff and a realization

Spring cleaning has taken a double meaning as I'm moving soon...and this is to your benefit, at least if you're in the area and need some random bike stuff.  There's some goodies in front of my house, everything in front of the camper is free for the taking, come on over and help yourself.  Among the items is a road wheelset, and Ultegra 170mm crankset, rollers w/ resistance unit, and lots of tires - both 26" and 29".

Here's a sample pic, check out the garage sale link below for more.

From Garage Sale

Now for the realization.  I woke up yesterday with an understanding about GLR, which simply put, is that the reasons I want to do it don't have anything to do with anyone else.  It really doesn't have anything to do with racing.  It's hard to explain.  But one thing is for sure:  I'd rather do it completely solo than in a race setting.  That doesn't mean I won't try to go fast cause of course I will.  It is simply more natural and agreeable to make a solo TT effort out of it. 

I was quite surprised to gain clarity on this thing that doesn't make a lot of sense...but that GLR route is my solo quest for '07.

Published Sunday, April 08, 2007 3:31 PM by Dave


# @ Sunday, April 08, 2007 8:20 PM

where you moving too?

have any nano's in that pile o' tires?


# @ Sunday, April 08, 2007 10:37 PM

Your reasoning makes sense to me. It should be a grand adventure. So are you going to attempt it in early May?


# @ Monday, April 09, 2007 5:08 AM

Dave - two nano's in the pile, one is quite used, one is near new.

Jill - that's what Lynda said yesterday too, so maybe it isn't unreasonable. I did 2 KTRs last year, and by far, the one I most enjoyed was solo. When is the question - but it will be largely determined by weather. This thing is such a bear...usually there is snow on the Uncompaghre till late May, but much is already gone. The most likely weekend is mid-May (the KTR date). The terrain in the region is full of clay - it has to be dry or I don't think it would even be possible to finish. Cold is another issue...the earlier the attempt, regardless of snowpack, the cooler it is likely to be at night up high which means there's a strong likelyhood of one very cold morning - meaning more stuff to haul. It's a complicated bear...

But honestly I want to leave today :)