Outfoxed at the RimRide

Quickie update from the Mondo Cafe here in Moab - the RimRide was a blast...and made even more epic by yet another storm of the century.  Whoever said Moab is a desert is just plain wrong!  At least on race day...

Turnout was good - around 30 folks didn't let the weather dampen enthusiasm and met at Lion's park before 6am for a dark start.  Lots of SSers were in the mix, and some folks were carring an amazing amount of gear too.  Marco showed up with a big pack and winter bivy!  I wonder if he used it?

The course is amazing.  Tough but amazing.  Rim ride is a good name for the race cause you always are riding to or on some canyon rim.  I did take some pics out there and will  post 'em up later.  One set of pictures was during a rare "moment" in racing...stay tuned.

In the end, Chris Fox came across first and I was 14 minutes behind him.  We rode together most of the day and I gained a lot of respect for him - he's a full-on heads up rider.  If you only know him through his blog you prolly don't know him.

A big SS contingent (I think) filled spots 4-8.  Scott Sportsman, Chris Plesko, Ed Ellinger, and Dave C all put in great rides.  I wonder how much walking they did in GBR?

More stories to come.  Today it's a little recovery spin on Porc rim before heading home.

Published Sunday, March 25, 2007 6:29 AM by Dave


# @ Sunday, March 25, 2007 7:26 AM

Nice ride DH, you and sly were smoking fast. I was happy to be with Scott as the first SS'ers across the line because I never saw/caught Butch and he had gears anyway. Talk to you soon :)


# @ Monday, March 26, 2007 11:35 AM

Nice ride! Sounds like it was a blast. Can't believe Porcupine Rim is a "recovery" ride.