Life as a chronic geek

Chronic.  The term conjures up visions of terminal smokers hacking their way through the day.  I once worked with a gent that went by "chronic", and indeed he was (still is so I hear) keepin' it real.  But as Miles points out, it's my new favorite word.  It has a different connotation in my vernacular, just to clear any confusion.

The night before Thanksgiving and I finally found time to get the PT wheel set up on the Dos Niner.  You'd think it'd be easy, right?  Slap a tire on it, mount the harness and you're off.  Some extra steps included a Stan's tubeless conversion and switching to a v-brake system from the Hayes disk.  3 hours later, this is what I have:

This is all very see, if you don't have the data, it didn't actually happen.  I've been flying blind since late July when I got the first 29er.

So this am it's off to give it a whirl, run it through the paces and pick up the metabolism in preparation for the gorging to come.  4 days in Moab are on deck...and everytime I spend time in that place the White Rim beckons.  More than likely, tomorrow will be another trip around the WR.  Not sure what it is about that ride - it's only jeep road, right?  It sure does call loud and clear tho.

Any ambibuities in my useage of the term "chronic"?  The geek part should be obvious.

Published Thursday, November 24, 2005 7:44 AM by Dave
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