Friday, June 01, 2007 12:56 PM by Ken

Iron Horse Suffering and results as of 6/1/07

Welp, Memorial Day Weekend is over and we had some super results but first I'm gonna let you in on a little pain and suffering! It all started out just fine. My 40-44 year old Master Men catagory rolled out the valley slower than snot due to a slight head wind. Of course none of the climbers wanted to pull on the flats nor did the horses in the group so we just rolled along chatting and feeling good. That was until Shalona. That's when local strong man Joel Bratch took the lead and the group quickly went from 142 riders to 9. The nine of us stayed together till the base of Colebank at which time 4 guys sprinted away from 5 through 9 (I wasn't one of those 4). Then we (5, 6 and 7) dropped 8 and 9. I was feeling really good all the way up Coalbank, in fact Joel and I reached the top together in round a bout (as Paul Ligget would say) 30 minutes. On the descent down to Molas, #7 caught up to Joel and I which I was kinda bummed about. Everything was great going up Molas(we had dropped #7 again) until just before Andrews Lake. That's when it happened! Joel went around me and I stood up to follow and.... you guessed it......CRAMPS!! At that point Joel rode away from me and I did my best to spin to the top at which point #7 caught me. That's when I looked down at this guys legs and noticed they were HUGE. Like I was going to out sprint this guy in Silverton. NOT! Anyway, we descended together into Silverton where he, as expected, sprinted away from me. So, #7 became #6 and I accepted being #7 (I mean it's actually my favorite number- that and #44. Thank goodness I wasn't 44th!). That's it. Your Cap'n gave her everything he had. Times were slow this year cause of the Valley but the suffering was equal or greater than years passed. Nuff said, now to the other results...please hold your applause till the end!!

Miles- 19th Pro Men road race

Mitch- 8th Pro Men road race

Ian- 13th Cat 3 Criterium

Alex- 22nd Cat 3 road race

Ben- 30th Cat 3 road race; 15th cat 3 criterium; 16th overall Omnium

Andrew- 23 Master Men 45-49 road race; 7th MM 45-49 Criterium; 6th overal Omnium

Sabrina- 22nd Womens Pro road race (read her recent blog!!)

Cap'n- 7th Master Men 40-44

Last but not Least... Rob Trudeaux- 2nd Master Men 35-39; 4th MM 35-39 Criterium; 1st PLACE OVERALL OMNIUM!!! WAY TO GO ROBERTO!! Rob also upgraded to Cat 3 after his stellar results this last weekend!

Greg Lewis missed the Iron Horse deadline so he went and raced over at Angle Fire last weekend- still waiting to hear his results.

Would like to congratulate our all of our sponsors who rode....Steve Owen, Nick Grosskopf, Terryl Peterson, Brad Tafoya, Trent Peterson, Rob Harries, John Kassay and anyone else I might be missing. Way to go everyone!!

Finally, I would like to thank all of the team and sponsors who were able to make it to Zia's for the meet and greet. What a wonderful group of people. Thanks to Tim and Becky for putting on a fabulous time with awesome food and drink. If there's enough interest maybe we could have an end of season party for the team and sponsors. Who's in?!?!

That's it for now....time to transition into mountain biking and running for me....except for the Tuesday night rides!!! :-)