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Good to see Mitch writing in!

Mitch, good to hear about the training, I said it before but watch out that guy is riding faster than I have ever seen. 

Ken, thank you the jerseys look good, and also thanks to all of the sponsors, we won't let you down.

Today started off with a 7 am gym for an hour and a half followed by a full day of work.  Out the door this evening for a hard tempo ride with Colby, I swear that guy feels no pain.  We hammered out CR250 into a 20 mile head wind to an awesome climb, we call it the "Redtail" climb.  If you haven't done this climb it is one of the best kept secrets around.  As you are headed North on CR 250 and pass Missionary Ridge Road halfway through that first straight away there is a gate for the subdivision called Elkhorn, this is where the climb starts.  Colby and I were guessing it probably climbs 2,000ft in 6-8 miles, great for hill intervals, repeats or just tempo climbing.  After being dropped by Colby in the first quarter of the climb I relized I still have a lot of work ahead me!  There are only two houses up there so you are able to use the entire road, one of the best road decents around.  The tail wind was so ripping today that we made it back home in less than 30 minutes, not to mention Colby was just hammering.  This is a must ride, just don't tell anyone I told you about it.

Got the new Velo the other day and my buddy Duncan "Bro" from the Nor Cal scene is rippin' up the Sea Otter ad in the Soulcraft kit.  Duncan Bro you look good!  Also if you have a magnafine glass the bearded hammer made it into a picture for the 04 Norba in Sonoma, he's the only one pushing his bike up the hill, you look good too bro.

I am looking forward to a dam ride tomorrow and another Mesa Verde ride with da dogger on Sunday, Brent you in?  Anyone else?  Let me know.



posted Friday, February 10, 2006 7:02 PM by Miles | 1 Comments

Enjoying near 60 degree weather

The last few days have been near record temps, while that is not good for the Nordic it is good for Ridin'.  Today I motivated somewhat early, thanks to the warm temps, and the "Gould" and I rode a valley shalona this morning, then off to slangin' some real estate.  Always a pleasure riding with the Gould-he is traveling down to AZ to visit family and ride in little to no clothing.  I can't wait to ride without tights, booties, hats, gloves and all the other cold weather gear, I just feel faster without all that gear.  I am planning on going down South for the Mt. Humboldt road race the first of march, if anyone is interested in going let me know.  Colby actually went nordicing today and said it was a little soft.  My Buddy J.P.skied silverton Mt. today and said it was like spring skiing.  I took the dogs on a walk (big man, Bella and Ida Mae) and it was so warm they were swimming in the river and its Febuary, this whole global warming is getting scary!  I was at the bean this afternooon and glanced through a more recent Mountain Flyer mag.  That magazine is out of the Butte and is sweet, it has all of the Rocky mountain road and mt. bike racing coverage.  Great shot of Colby from the 24 hours of Moab representing team Healtfx with a solo win, if you get a chance check it out.  I am getting a tt bike this week (TREK Eq9) and can't wait to do some tt'n.  Krickets coming over and its time for dinner!  Check out her site at www.kristilewis.blogspot.com she has more pics than me and lot more fun at work!


posted Thursday, February 09, 2006 7:05 PM by Miles | 0 Comments


If its not ridin' its nordicn'.  I have been trying to put some solid hours in on the bike, but is hard to do when you work all the time.  I have done two NORDIC races so far and hope to do a third in T-ride on the 18th of this month (30k).  The first race was a 10k and I don't even know what place I got, all I know was the elder Shriver was breathing down my neck until the very end, I managed to hold him off.  The second race was a 30k and I got 6th out of 12 or so.  Somehow I just knew the UNM coach and Sir Travis Brown would be puttin' out a mucsley pace, oh and don't forget the bearded one, he's frickin' fast for someone who hasn't skied much this year.  I did manage to beat old Fergi and Zack, luckily the Capn' was racing the 15k, I did manage to crash in front of him and luckily I didn't take him out.  Have you ever crashed on nordic skis?  I always feel like I am going to brake those skinny skis. 

On Sunday I managed a Mesa Verde (90+miles and 5.5 hrs later) ride with Colby, Mitchell and Lewis aka da dogger.  I always enjoy riding with Mitchell  because he has one of those, what you call it dave and Lynda? Power Wattage Meter Thing ma frickin' jickey's?  And he always keeps his power in the 200-250 range and since I wiegh more (significantly this year because of how yoked I've become in the gym) so I know I am pushin' more voltage than the skinny man.  We rode past the tunnel to the next climb before calling it quits.  It was so windy that at times I thought I was going to literally be blown off my bike, it was brutal!!Brutal!  Colby and Mitch are fast! So fast that after a quick gas station stop in Beautiful Mancos "Where the west still lives" I was getting popped off their wheel at the top of Mancos hill and Hesperus.  Watch out I know Colby will be thrown' down some results this year but I also think that Mitchell will be surprising some of the boys on the circuit, he's riding faster than ever.

Iam back on the blog scene so stay tuned for more updates.



posted Wednesday, February 08, 2006 3:45 PM by Miles | 0 Comments

Traveling for the Holidays?
Sounds like White rim was epic bro, bro it was epic, brah, bro brah! Can't beleive I missed it, not next year, count me in. Thanksgiving can be depressing especially when there is NO SNOW (that means no NORDIC), however the Durango trails have been epic, sick, bro brah bro sick (Thanks to the boyz for the not so "secret trail"-if you live in durango and haven't ridden it your missing out-sick up and down, left and right, jumps ah bro bra) Want to know where it is? yeah you do! I am in the Querque (Brent I've been thinking about you man-I wanna come ride some of those new trails when i get back) on my way to Denver, Orlando, Miami and final destination Costa Rica (thanks for the surf gear and tips Krick-u da woman). Hope everyone has a great Turkey day and I will try to get a couple of blogs in from Central America. All u all, lets do some training when I get back (Brent,Colbs,Mitchell,Harri`s,gould,lynda( would love to meet you),lew dogger (hope NY is good)krick and anyone else who is (dave's new word)Chronic. Peace out!

posted Wednesday, November 23, 2005 1:07 PM by Miles | 0 Comments

Thanks Colby
My first blog ever..... Sweet.....I really am a pro!  Sick as a dog thanks to Colby-Thanks Colby-you the man!  Most pro bikers that keep a blog talk about the rides they did, the messages they got, the home renovations, cool new stereos put in the team cars for free, traveling to exotic places to race (for free), cool fast guys that they are best buds with!  Unfortunetly I have been working working and doing some more working so that I can afford to sit here and blog.  When I get a chance between work and the darkness that settles in around 5:00 I have been running, and ridin' some cross.  Don't know if anybody more than the fellas on the team will read this but I willgive it a go?

posted Monday, November 14, 2005 10:33 AM by Miles | 0 Comments

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