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Home for sale-1600 square ft. 3 BR 2 BA 2 car garage...
Well, I guess the time comes for everyone to make a change...I'm getting ready for the biggest of my life to date. Just after I got back from the National Championships in July, I found out that McKenzie would be accepting a job in Colorado Springs. The job would start in late August, giving me just over a month to try and change her mind as to not burst my bubble. She has put off any sort of a job search as long as we have been together. With anyone in the news industry, the only way to move up is to move to a bigger market. Not my favorite part of her job, but it is cool to have somewhat of a celeb for a girlfriend, and if you know McKenzie you know that I would be a straight up idiot not to go with her. Without any success in changing her mind, we moved her up to the Springs in late August just after the NORBA finals in Aspen. I spent the week with her, helping her get settled in and doing as many mountain bike rides as I could during the week. Lots of good climbing, something I have never had out my door, and some ripping trails in and around town. So, I have since put my house on the market. I also just got back from interbike in Vegas where I interviewed with a few different company's. I made some great contacts and hopefully will have something concrete in the next week or so. My plans are to work as an outside rep in the Colorado territory. I figure that if I can work my own schedule and still be in the mix of the bicycle industry, that it will work for me. I'm not quite sure when exactly it will be that I make the move, but if you know someone who's looking for a nice house, in an up and coming four corners community w/excellent trails out the front door, let me know. As for the bike...I have been riding the mountain bike around Aztec a lot. The trails are always great this time of the year, and the weather is about perfect. My season is just about over. However, the Road Apple is this weekend and I always have high hopes going into it. I also plan on racing some cross. I've heard there's a good scene in the Springs. My 06' season was an overall success. With lots of ups and some downs. My highlight being on the podium at the Brianhead SD...pretty cool being up there w/ the top 4 in sport. I also finished 7th overall in the series. Next season is difficult to invision right now, but I'm guessing my race load will be a bit less. I do plan on staying as fit as possible, maybe switching it up and trying an X-Terra with McKenzie...I guess I should try running first. Well, I'll be in touch, peace out y'all!

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A break in the action...

Wow, it's already July! Where does time go these days? The last month has been a pretty up and down month on the bike...It usually hits me every year about this time...Spring riding in Aztec is great, but once full blown Summer hits, and it gets super hot, it's hard to motivate. Thus, a drop off in performance...with 24 races under my belt by July, it's by far the most I have done at this point in the season...So hopefully a June break and a better base would change things...After the Iron Horse, I felt pretty worked-tired, not really motivated to race. But, the following weekend was Vail, so McKenzie and I made the trek up there to stay w/ her mom. The hill climb was day 1 and was completely suffery! Finished somewhere mid-pack...The Mtb. race was day 2...you really need to be prepared when racing on a resort style course at 8000 ft. So far this year I have only raced the MTB on fairly flat, rolly, twisty terrain. Not that it's an excuse, and that training and racing alone should'nt prepare me...all I can say is that it was one of those days-I tried to motivate and put my game face on and then...BOOM!!! With my HR lingering somewhere in the 150's I knew it was not my day... Chalk it up-I lasted about 25 minutes and thought, well, I could just do this as a training ride, and then I thought, naw, I'm out! It was a nice day for spectating...With much needed rest to follow, I was really looking forward to riding if I felt like it and kicking back at mi casa for the weekend...well you can't really get enough of the bike, so it was actually spent riding Hermosa creek from the bottom to the top and back with McKenzie and Pops. The following weekend McKenzie and I headed down near Chama for the annual New Mexico road race TA to TP. This is an absolutely sweet race course traveling over arguably the most beautiful road in NM. I had good stamina, but no real punch and ended up mid pack in the 1-2 race...McKenzie hammered the women's field and took the W on the road for the second straight weekend-Watch out ladies!!! Last weekend was the Dead Dog Classic in Laramie, WY. Consisting of 2 climbs of 2400 ft each, this road race is one of the hardest single day races I've done. The day before the road race, the course was slightly adjusted due to a fire threatening the start. This cut out a majority of the backside climb, but still one very hard 2400 ft. climb w/ a long windy valley remaind. I had a bit more snap, but still was not able to hang with the lead groups and was left scrambling to get in with some guys to not make it any longer...It was one of those times where you are literally scratching and clawing, because you know what lies ahead...Thankfully, I got in with a couple of strong riders, and we were able to make good time in the valley. Managing another mid-pack finish, this time in a much stronger 1-2 field...The following day was a crit and a TT. The crit went well, I felt great and was really comfortable with all of the lines. With about 6 laps to go a group of 3 rolled off the front...It's crazy, there will be attacking going on left and right, with everything getting caught and the main field coming back together over and over...then some weak move goes and nobody reacts until it's too late, they finishished about 2 secs in front of the main field where I managed a 3rd in the field sprint finishing 6th overall...The TT went Ok as well, it was a 10.2 mile course starting at 8888 ft. elevation with about 400 ft of headwind/sidewind downhill then flip it uphill with a sidewind/tailwind...I finished 17th and was just over a minute off of 3rd...All in all it was a great race to boost the fitness for what lies ahead...The mountain bike season is now in full swing for me with the local Aztec Alien Run this weekend, and back to back nationals(including national championships in Sonoma). I'll be traveling with the protege Ian, so hopefully we can post something...That way I don't have to write a book again! Peace out-Brent





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Heating up...

With the Iron Horse around the corner, and the Gallup squash blossom classic this weekend...things are definitly heating both with the temp and the race season...Last year at the Gallup race we started at 12:30 with temps over 95...holy @#!* it was hot! The race was only 21 miles and a time of about 1:30, but I just remembering sufferring like I have never sufferred for it being such a short race...I swore I would never do it again, but when they handed me a check for $150 for second and kicked the dogger down $250 for the win...My mind changed, not that $$$ at races is everything, but it sure helps! This year Miles and Cricket are heading down with McKenzie and I. There is a road omnium event as well as the MTB so it should be fun, and with some earlier start times hopefully its not as scorching!

Had a great race last weekend, getting the win in the Cortez, Ride the Lightning...Felt great, got off the front with Ned and Cale and rode with the two of them for about the first 45min. Things got a bit strung out on this loose twisty dirt road section, but I felt so good in the single track I wasn't too worried about conserving a bit of energy and losing a bit of time on this section. As I approached a hard right on the road, there was a small two track that went straight. I started down this two track before realizing that I wasn't going the right way, and decided to flip it...I got back out on the road where it opened enough to allow you to see at least a minute ahead...I couldn't see Cale or Ned, and thought well, I'm either winning or they just dropped the hammer! I figured I better put my head down either way, to protect the lead or to hold off a hard chasing group of Gould, Miles, Lewis, Cheeney, and Daniel Murray...Phil's World(the Cortez race course) is a super fun course, really twisty, up and down, tall rollers...very similar to the terrain here in A-town. I won by over a 1:30, with Ned telling me later that he didn't think they lost that much time on their diversion, and that him and Cale were on the all out chase to bring me back...That makes you feel good! Never had beat Ned, and even if it might be by default, I'll take it!

Well, looking forward to the Iron Horse. It's gonna be brutal, as I upgraded to a Cat. 2...I feel I'm climbing decent right now, but hanging beyond Shalona in that field may be an accomplishment in itself...Looking forward to the Crit, that's such a fun race...I've heard Moninger and a few others will be here, so I'd like to be in the group that gets lapped and maybe be in there for the sprint...Or something like that...Well, gotta roll see you round!

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Well, it's almost like X-Mas each year when you get the new kits for the season...Always so excited to try the threads on and get out for a ride to fly the new colors...Yesterday McKenzie picked up the kits after a hair appt. in D-Town.  When she showed up w/ them I grabbed the bag out of her hands and began ripping open the bag to catch the first glimpe, she had to ask me a few minutes later, "do you like the hair?" Oh, yeah baby, it looks awesome...What do you think of the kits?  Well, none the less, I think the kits are a hit! The best I've ever worn, I think they increase efficiency apprx. 10-15%...We'll see, tomorrow is the annual Cortez "Ride the Lightning". Super fun course, and there will be lots of bros to battle with...The Gila went decent...Managed back to back 6th place finishes after a dissapointing Mogollon stage 2...It was brutal...Finished 21st overall basically losing the majority of time on that stage...Oh well, I felt great the remaining days so that was a plus, and it seems like my recovery was a lot quicker than last year. Hopefully that's a sign of a better base, and more fitness to come...Well check out the pics, Lewis and I went and ripped the gulch today...New bikes! New gear! New Kits! Nice Temps! Lots of Greenery! Man, early season mountain biking rules! Nothing really compares to ripping a buffed out singletrack in D-Town in May...Nothing. Hope all is well with all the peeps out there-Later!

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The March Recap...
Well, seeing how it's almost April and I haven't had an entry for March-I figured I better get on it! March was a good month...got some good racing in, and we finally have seen some moisture in the Four Corners...The month started off with a trip to Phoenix with Miles and THE Gould for a road race...Mt. Humboldt-Great race! Lots of climbing, great weather, a truly epic 4 mile dirt road section(that unfortunately left some fixing flats)...the finish was on this 4 mile bike path type road up to the observatory...this road was just wide enough for one car...the pavement was sunk in from cars wheel and lots of potholes and broken chunks of asphalt...not to mention it was an average of 12% for the final 4 miles...It was sweet...I was happy with my finish of 5th-however, I made it into the lead 3's group chasing Groupe de la Colby, but due to poor tactics, I was left battling basically by myself and using every bit of energy I had for the last 10-15 miles(mountain biker)...The accomidations at this race were the best part...we stayed with Miles' Grandma...She's 89, and stays more active than most elite athletes...She walks 1 1/2 miles each morning with a 3 miles walk on Saturdays(thats after her weekly Sat. 5:30 am hair appt. that she's kept forever), she golfs 9 holes at least 2x a week and holds down two jobs(one rocking babies, and another with the dental board, whom she has already retired once with back in the 70's). She totally lives alone, and say's that she thinks she has made it past altzeimers and arthritis...wow! She is truly amazing...Props to the Venzara genes...Anyway, got back from that trip and was welcomed home with cold, wet, and windy weather. Had an awesome day up at Purg. with McKenzie, Miles, and Cricket...16" of pow! It was sick bra! Fast forward to last weekend...The Nova Desert Classic-this is such an awesome race! Awesome course, awesome weather...Kenz, John Stevens and I camped out right at the venue. It was super nice, but I think NORBA should consider time bonuses for those that camp out...As you saw with Ben's post, the race started with 2 tt's on Sat. The morning TT and the evening TT (or Super D-lots of pedaling)Finished 12th in the morning and 10th  in the evening...this left me 9th overall for the XC on Sunday...I got a great start and found myself behind T-Brown, I figured that was a good spot- sitting fifth for most of the first lap the confidence was building...Jay Henry then caught me, and passed me, and I slowly drifted back by the end of the first 11 mile lap I was sitting 7th or 8th...I was able to stay steady however and finish 8th in the XC and 7th overall in the GC...I was pretty psyched! I'd definitly say that was my best race to date...I guess off season training does help! Well, before I'm required a publishing company's approval on posting this blog, I'm gonna shut it down- hope all is well with all the peeps out there, and we'll see you soon! Oh by the way- check my buddy Josh out at zigone.blogspot.com he'll open your eyes and tell it like it is! I'm serious- Peace out!!!

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Shedding the layers...
Well, figure I'll give my two cents...let's see, what's been going on-finished up my most consistent year of base with a 25 hr. week in Tucson with the Dogger...what a sweet trip that was-we set up a camp at Catalina State Park- we brought the Cottonwood canope, we had two stoves, Dogger had a tent, and I had the back of my car...The camp area was great! It's right off of 77 going into Tucson, super clean, showers, and some mighty nice folk...We knocked out 4x100+mile days. Which I must say, when you're living the life and all you have to do is ride, it comes fairly easy...The weather was perfect, maybe a bit windy, but I wasn't complaining. Got to work on the dan...pretty danny. The first night we threw down $220 on groceries and never left the camp other than to ride...It was sweet, we had  killer breakfasts,  even more killer dinners, and LOTS of munchies...This weekend is the Humboldt race in Phoenix...looking forward to it...heading down tomorrow with Miles, Cricket and the Gould-Muscley! On top of that, Dave is gonna be there honching his 11-32! Hopefully we'll have something good to write about next week- As for next week, I think I'm gonna break out the MTB, it's been like 3 months- the trails in A-town are always great this time of year, just gotta watch out for the cougars!!!

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Rest and Relaxation...

Yo Yo! 3 rest days down, and it's time to get back in the saddle...I definitely feel a bit fresher! My first rest day all of my senses were a bit delayed...like making breakfast took about an hour-that after about 3 1/2 cups of some thick joe, talking to customers-I was like,"I'm sorry-uhhh what?", and driving was definitely hazardous to everyone that came my way. But I made it. Now day 3 off the bike and I feel good and ready finish up this rest week with some easy rides. I just set my powertap up, which should make the next 3 weeks of base a bit more enjoyable...Anytime you're riding long miles, just having another stat to geek out on can make the time time roll by a bit faster-or slower. Well, Lewis and I made some plans today to head down to the Phoenix area for about a week the day after V-day.  With the plan being to knock out about 30 hours, and get the dan seperation from the dwight. Looking forward to 70 degree days, and sleeping under the stars, or an econo lodge roof ...whatever. I got my new Madone-ooohhh-ahhhhh-the 5.9 SL-such a sick bike! You just feel Lance immediately-seriously, everyone should try one.


Well, Peace out-B

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The first portion of that title describes training rides lately, the second portion is an attempt to up my number of viewers to this blog...hope it works! Anyway, sitting at home watching the snow come down-that's right SNOW! Had to buck up and hop on the trainer today for a couple of hours. To help pass the time I logged on to www.mediazone.com and clicked on uci bmx-it's actually the 05' mountain bike world championships in it's entirety-Awesome footage-Just finished up my second week of base and now in the first two days of week 3. On monday I knocked out one of the best road rides in the area this time of the year-left Aztec and headed out to Navajo Dam, then over to Ignacio-->to Bondad--->to ruins road--->and back to A-town. Stats were 100.3 miles and 5hrs 24min. A long ride solo, thankfully I had me, myself, and ipod...It was also a gorgeous day with hardly any wind, I will post some pics later. That finished a 19 hr week of mostly HR sub 140...a couple of efforts when I just can't stand the monotony of spinning and focusing on low HR, but all in all keeping it pretty mellow. This week I'm going for 20+ hrs. then I'll take a rest week. I know this isn't some peoples idea of early season training, or training at all, but for me it helps burn that winter layer, build some endurance,get focused on the long season that lies ahead, and harden the calices...Plenty of time for hard efforts between now and the end of March. Just a side note: I've recieved some positive feedback on this site, but some say they would like to see more blogs from a bigger variety of folks...so lets see it! Peace out-BDub

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Back to reality...
Jease louis!!! what a past month...thank god for the end of the year and the start of a fresh new beginning...Something about the start of the new year can leave you feeling ready for what lies ahead...you can see the beginning of the season rolling around, and the fresh motivation to spend hours on end in the saddle...It's been a crazy season...Spent x-mas in Edwards, CO w/ Mckenzie's mom...had a great trip! Got to check out the Bronco's-Raider's game on x-mas eve-got some runs in at Vail(wish we could get some of that snow)-ate some excellent food-Then there was New Years in D-town...Picked up my buddy Josh and his lady in Albq. on Sat(New Years Eve)...came back to A-town-then headed up to Durango...Checked in at the Iron Horse Inn and went out on the town...Ate at Tequilas at about 10:15, finished up around 11:15 and headed over Colby's for some bubbly and bring in the new year-hooked up with the buzz bus and headed down town-checked out the Abby and saw Gould for a bit-danced to the beats-then hit the road-much fun was had by all...Then this past weekend, headed up to Walla Walla, Warshington w/Mckenzie for a friend of her's wedding...I'm not much of a wedding fan but, it was a great time! The wedding went down just west of George, Washington next to the Gorge Ampitheater on the Colombia River Gorge...The place was called the Cave B spa and lodge...It was sweet! We had a Plasma in the room, a sick tub, and an epic view! Spent a couple of days there and then back to Walla Walla to the MC's Grandfolks...On the farm in the land of the wheat-Good times! Well, now back to reality...but you know what? It's the new year, and just like clockwork I now wake up looking forward to getting on my bike...Shedding the winter pounds and getting stoked for the race season...The vibe is in the air...the sqwuak is on! Alright-peace out-Bdub

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Weekend Warrior...
Tis the season...the season where you tend to stay up too late on Friday's and Saturday's only to find yourself in the middle of pace pushing ride the next day wishing,"I wish I would have went home after that second beer last night"...But what are you gonna do? Had the team down at mi casa on Sunday. Did a fun ride on the local trails, not sure if I would have been able to make the crew work all that hard if I didn't know the trails like the back of my hand...The trails are in great shape, although a couple of the new spots could use some moisture...Mckenzie hooked us up with some appetizers and Chili after the ride, mmmmmmmm, she rules...Then on Monday went out and hammerred out 3 1/2 hours on the road with Colby. Pretty much would ride along side of him along the flats, then set myself up comfortably(and a lot of times uncomfortably)on his wheel. It seems that most of the time my HR was about 20-30 beats higher than his...He explained that it was only because he's put in some good hours on the road in the last week and I was working on hours 3-4 for last few months on the road...I said uh huh...as I'm staring at my 165-180 HR for at least 2 hours of the ride...I was all done...Chalk it up for the Weekend Warrior...until next time-Peace out! B

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NFL Sunday ticket...
Started the morning off with some coffee, then a bagel, it was soooooo coool bro....I'm a pro racer so you know this is my lifestyle year round...wait, no, actually I had French Toast...Then I rode, it was sick! Well, I just had to throw that out there so I could sound like a few righteous online pros we all know...Can I get some love for the working man professional bike racer!!! How about this web-site? You know you've arrived when...This is great! Looking back at the last four years of racing, starting with Go Jus, then on to 505-Trek, and now Health-FX. It's been such an awesome experience traveling to amazing places and racing with the fellas(and ladies)that have been part of the transformation...I have to give props to Shane Ellison for stepping up and giving us a title sponsor like Health-FX...this guy produces some awesome products, and we're all stoked to be flying the Green and White...I also have to say thanks to Cottonwood Cycles, I'm a little bias, but thanks for networking the product sponsors...Sorry to write a book just wanted to publicly say thanks! I really did ride today, for those in the four corners area, I have built some nice new trails in Aztec(that's New Mexico). They string together about 15 miles of single track not the Alien Run(www.aztecufo.com/bike/bike.htm)but a series of trails known as Mountain View -check em' out. As hard as it is to ride on a NFL Sunday in November...Man, I love watching football, but I love riding the bike on a gorgeous day!!!Peace out! Bdub

posted Sunday, November 20, 2005 7:18 PM by Brent | 2 Comments

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