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The Season is in Full Swing
This weekend I headed up to Grand Junction to race with FLC at Western. The weekend consisted of a Road race Saturday morning and then a TTT on Saturday afternoon and then we had a Crit on Sunday. The road was hard it had a lot of false flats that had head wind and are group was small. Me and two of my other teammates pushed the tempo every time we went up the climb that we had to climb 3 times. By the time we headed for the finish line we only had about 9 people. The finish had a couple hair pins descending corners and then had a false flat decent that was strait to the finish. Right before the hair pins one of my teammates got a small gap and gained a bigger gap around the hair pins. I only had one CSU kid on my wheel so I let my teammate go. So the CSU kid came around me and chased my teammate down on the strait and so as soon as we got onto his wheel I went and got a gap with about 1.5 km to go and I was able to hold off the group of 4 and then my teammate took the sprint out of the small group. I rode the TTT with two A men and one other B man and we raced the A men’s race and we worked well together for just being thrown together. We ended up a little over one minute behind the wining FLC A men’s team. So that was sweet. The Crit was a blast because we were all working for one teammate whose birthday was on Sunday. Right off of the start we were at the front working and thing out the field. There were four of us just pulling through and letting the other kid sit in and rest. Once we got into the race a little ways we had to just try to sit in and cover other teams. We also were able to win 3 of the 4 preems. Then the last lap came so I got to the front and I pulled round the first third and then let the other teammates lead him out and it work like clock work and we got him the win on his birthday. It was assume if felt like we all won because we were all able to work so well together and get some thing done. It was the best race this year so far. Now it is time to take a break and get ready for Gila and finish up finals this week.

posted Monday, April 24, 2006 9:00 AM by Ian | 1 Comments

Racing begins all ready!!!!
The first race is upon use all ready. This weekend I am heading up to Colorado Springs for the first of many colligate races this season. We are going to ride a Team TT, Crit on Saturday and a Road Race on Sunday at the air force academy. It should be a blast. I did a team TT today and I felt great I was taking the longest pulls. I am ready to take on all those college kids. It is looking like there is going to be good weather as well. It is going to be the first race on the sweet new Trek Madone and my new Equinox they are both feeling fast, tuned and ready to rip up the roads! I will keep up to date on all of the squake from the race. IB

posted Thursday, March 02, 2006 1:50 AM by Ian | 2 Comments

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