Saturday, May 19, 2007 5:39 AM by Ken

Team HealthFX Meet and Greet and Updates as of 5/19/07

The following blog is by Tim Turner of Zia Taqueria.

To: Ken Armstrong

From: Tim & Becky Turner

RE: Team Health FX Sponsor Party


So… here’s the scoop.

Zia Taqueria is hosting a Team Healthfx Sponsor and Rider Party after the Ironhorse Ride to Silverton on Saturday May 26th from 3 – 7 PM. The party will be an "open house" venue at Zia and we’re encouraging all riders and sponsors to come and enjoy appetizers and beverages. Zia will be open to the general public during this open house. We will designate the front half of the dining area for Team Healthfx and will be serving fresh food and cold beverages, provided by Team Healthfx and us. This is a great opportunity to meet the riders and co-sponsors. Swing in, relax, and enjoy the ride. We wish all the riders the best and will be at the top of Colbank Pass cheering you on ….. ride fast and have fun.

If any sponsors wish to have a banner at Zia for the weekend, please bring it in next week and we’ll put it up in the restaurant. Call if you have questions or input for the party. Hope to see you all on Saturday, if not before. Peace Out. tim and becky


If there was anything this season that I would like to make mandatory for the Team HealthFX riders it would be to attend this "meet and greet" at some point during the afternoon. I do think it's really important that we all show up and meet the sponsors that make this team what it is. Even if you can only be there for a half hour- please come!! To sponsors and team, bring the whole family or whoever is in town for this wonderful weekend. I personally have about 6 family members who will be enjoying the festivities at Zia's!

OK, now for some race updates. We've been busy doing what we do best- having huge success all over the country in bicycle races!

From the Tour of the Gila:

Greg Lewis- 3rd in the Cat 3's!! All I kept hearing after the Gila was that Greg "was on fire!" To place 3rd overall at this event is HUGE. I sure wish Greg would do a little blog on how the race unfolded! :-)

Rob Trudeaux- 1st or 2nd in his age group Cat 4's. He was sent the leaders jersey recently but the results show him being 2nd. We'll just say he was 1st in the 35+ cat 4's and 7th overall! FANTASTIC job Mr. Trudeaux. A blog by you on your race would be nice as well!!

Ian Burnett- Ian finished 4th in the Cat 3 time trial! Wow! He also is part of the Ft. Lewis Cycling team who are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for the 4 person team time trial! Way to go Ian!! A blog by you would be wonderful as well! (do you get the feeling that I'd like to see some of the team members blogging!!)

From the Nathrop Mountain States Cup Race:

Ben Kraushaar- 1st place in the junior x catagory!!! Outstanding Mr. Kraushaar. Sure would like to read a blog on THAT race! Come on, man...follow in your sisters footsepts (The Bean has been blogging diligentlty-read her latest about crashing!!!)

Miles Venzara- 6th place in the PRO division! Now that is HUGE. Do you know how tough these guys are in the pro division? I bow to you Miles! How bout a blog?

Buena Vista Adventure Race:

Rick Calles- this one's easy- read Rick's blog!! Nicely done Rick- sounds brutal!! Just what you like though isn't it?! Keep up the great blogging.

I know there's more that I'm missing so if there is, please get on this website and blog your results!! Blog, blog, blog...not blah blah blah :-)

Couple of other things. HealthFX will have a booth at the Velo Swap on Friday from 2-9pm at the Fairgrounds. All of our products will be discounted 25% on that day. Please spread the word!!

It was great seeing Terryl and Trent Peterson on the passes a couple of weekends back- you guys look super strong. Terryl is part of the Lore Sponsorship and Trent is part of the National King Coal sponsorship. I know all three partners from Dental Associates of the SW are all busy preparing for the Iron Horse next weekend (Steve Owen, Nick Grosskopf and Courtney Heinicke). Also, Brad Tafoya of BrownWheeldonTafoya&Barret has been out there training hard. Good luck to all of you and most importantly have fun! If I've missed anyone it's because I'm getting old!! :-)

Have loads of fun and happy Riding!!