Thursday, April 19, 2007 7:47 AM by Ken

Team HealthFX Results as of 4/19/07

First, I need to make some early season updates:

Congrats to Miles Venzara and Andrew Ferguson for a great winter Nordic season. They both did several skate ski races with great results- no wonder they're so fit coming into March and April.

Congrats to Rick Callies and Andrew Ferguson for dominating the Monticello Winter Triathlon in early March. Rick, as the two time defending champion continued his streak and won the race. Andrew finished in a close 4th place overall.

A big hand for Dave Harris who came back strong from a smashed collorbone last fall and took 2nd place at the Old Pueblo 24 hour race solo division. Can you imagine riding 24 hours straight? Dave's a machine!!

Now for last weekends results at the Dawn til Dusk 12 hour race in Gallup, NM (there's a couple blogs about the race- one by me and one by Dave):

1st place Duo Team- Zach Shriver and Greg Lewis (these guys did 12 laps and dominated!!)

2nd place Duo Team- Miles Venzara and Andrew Ferguson (they did 11 laps!!)

2nd place Men's SOLO- Dave Harris (he did 10 laps and had 30 minutes of mechanicals!!)

2nd place Men's Master Solo- Me- Ken Armstrong (8 laps- read my blog as to why I didn't do 9 laps :-)

4th place Men's Master Solo- Rick Calles (8 laps without any support)

5th place Men's SOLO- Alex Howard (9 laps- nicely done Alex!)

I'm sure I've missed some earlier results from some early races so if I did let me know and I'll get them posted. I know Alex and Ian have been racing a lot of college races with awesome results. Anyone else, let me know.

Happy Spring!