Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:30 AM by rick

Screw the desert - ski Vallecito!

No idea why Dave moved when Durango and Vallecito offer the best of both worlds - ski in the morning and bike in the afternoon.  Here's the most recent report from the Vallecito ski trail: (I'd include pictures but I'm not tech weenie enough (that should be not tech weenie at all) to figure out how to post pictures here - maybe on the Pine Valley Ski website I'll be able to post pictures - until then, just trust me that it's the prettiest place on earth):

World Cup!

Groomed all morning - didn't get to ski - how's that for dedication?
We'll be grooming all day Friday so we should be 100% open and ready to rip it up!
Anyone up for a night ski (skate) Thursday night?  A group ski Saturday (I have to work Sunday)?  30k skate on [email protected]? Anybody have Fergie's current email?
New website - only website!
Thanks to Alexandra Ippolite for doing all the work!  Eventually I will be posting trail conditions there and sparing all of you (god, I almost typed y'all) these updates!